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Looking to sell your Pokemon cards or other TCG/CCG cards?

Whether you have a few cards you want to unload, are interested in selling an entire set or collection, or are finally ready to get rid of those boxes of Pokemon cards that have been sitting in your parent’s basement for all these years, our team will appraise the value and condition of your cards and make a fair offer! Even if we don’t end up buying from you, we’ll still let you know just how much everything is worth. 

We're actively looking to purchase the following types of cards:
Pokemon TCG
Yu-Gi-Oh TCG
Dragon Ball Super CCD
Digimon Cards CCG
My Hero Academia CCG

Pokemon Bulk Rates

Vintage Bulk - Anything made by Wizards of the Coast (1999 - 2003)

• Commons (NM) - $0.10
• Commons (NM/LP) - $0.05
• Uncommons (NM) - $0.20
• Uncommons (NM/LP) - $0.15
• Uncommons (LP) - $0.10
• Rares (NM) - $1.00
• Rares (NM/LP) - $0.75
• Rares (LP) - $0.50
• Rares (LP/MP) - $0.25
• Rares (MP) - $0.10

Old Nintendo Era Bulk - Anything after Wizards of the Coast but before XY (2003 - 2013)

• Commons/Uncommons (NM) - $0.05
• Rares (NM) - $0.10
• Reverse Holo Commons/Uncommons (NM) - $0.25

Modern Bulk - Anything from the XY, Sun & Moon, or Sword & Shield Sets (2013 - 2021) excluding Champion’s Path

*Must be in NM (Near Mint) condition or better.

• Commons/Uncommons - $0.02
• Rares - $0.05
• Commons/Uncommons (Reverse Holo) - $0.05
• Rares (Holo/Reverse Holo) - $0.10
• EX,GX,V - $0.50
• Vmax - $1.00

Seller Form Submission

Shipping Info

• Shipping labels will be provided to you for free, at full cost by The PokeTrade Emporium.

• The PokeTrade Emporium is not responsible for the cost of any shipping materials such as: boxes, mailers, bags, sleeves, etc.

• All parcels will be automatically insured should damage or loss occur during transit, in which case the sender will be reimbursed.

• If the sender wishes to have their cards returned due to a change in circumstance or dissatisfaction with our buying offer, that sender must pay for return shipping and all cards will be sent back, packaged safe and secure. Return shipping payments are accepted through PayPal, Stripe, or Venmo. 

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